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Release Date: 4 March 2023

Remember to un-install the previous installation of PH Live Sync before installing the updated version.


Release Date: 4 March 2023

Fix: Radiation Gains & Loads data for Windows pulling correctly from the PHPP again.

Fix: Doors with a U-Vlaue no longer creating a blank row in the PHPP Windows & Shading Worksheets.


Release Date: 21 February 2023

New: Support for PHPP 10.4a

Fix: Window Frame Widths in the PHPP now correctly adjusting Window Frame Widths in the BIM.

Fix: Formatting of Thermal Bridge Group Numbers adjusted to suit PHPP 10 and above.


Release Date: 12 November 2022

New: Support for PHPP 10.4


Release Date: 23 September 2022

New: Walls that are set to Sync with the PHPP can be automatically mitered.

New: PHLS Window and Door frame dimensions in the BIM will now update based on values selected in the PHPP.

Fix: Error Log Generation.

Fix: Angle of Inclination Value for ceilings set to 0° in lieu of 180°


Release Date: 23 Jul 2022

New: Support for windows and doors in 3D Radiation Gains & Loads views.

Fix: Bug fix for changing a wall’s syncing state to ‘not sync’ when it had previously been set to ‘sync’ and it also hosts a thermal bridge object.

Fix: Upgrade notification window not displaying correctly.


Release Date: 8 Jul 2022

New: Support for PHPP 10.3 included.

New: 3D views included for Radiation Gains & Loads.

New: Support for Revit® 2023.

Fix: Deviation from North values calculated relative to True North in lieu of Project North.

Fix: View Filter for ‘Doors with U-Values’ not being applied initially to the Synced Elements 3D View.


Release Date: 18 Jun 2022

The initial public release of PH Live Sync.