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PH Live Sync is an add-in for Autodesk® Revit® allowing two-way Live Syncing between the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) and the BIM

All the hard work is done for you!

Simply and quickly sync your BIM model with the PHPP.

Make design changes directly to your BIM or within the PHPP and then re-sync all your changes in seconds!

Spend more time designing and less time on data entry.

Save Time

With a workflow that has been designed to be quick and simple, giving you instant feedback during the design and development phase of your project so that your design can be realised sooner.

Keep in Sync

Simply select the BIM elements that make up the thermal envelope and then sync them with the PHPP. Make changes to the elements and parameter data within the PHPP and then simply sync the changes back to your BIM!

Easy to Use

No file exporting or complex processes required to get your BIM data into the PHPP. Easy to use and simplified tool palette to get you syncing within minutes. Built-in automation including initial parameter creation, creation of data schedules, and automatic creation of helpful 3D views.

Fully Integrated

A new tool palette is integrated seamlessly into Revit® with no external tools or processes required to sync with the PHPP. Direct access from the tool palette to additional online recourses such as instructions and custom family objects.


Leverage the power of BIM and capture the data exactly as it is modelled. No scaling plans for measurements or calculating areas manually. Orientation data is calculated precisely and automatically converted for projects located in the Southern hemispheres. Automatic checking ensures that elements like windows and doors that should be included in the thermal envelope are not overlooked.


Built for both small and large projects – from single dwellings through to complex commercial buildings – data processing is fast and reliable. No limit on the amount of elements that can be synced from Revit® to the PHPP and additional data rows automatically added to the PHPP for larger projects when the default worksheets limits are reached.

Easily sync the relevant BIM data to the PHPP…

then sync any updates made in the PHPP back to the BIM!

The typical workflow using PH Live Sync looks like this:

  • Automatically create the required PHPP Parameters within the BIM to store PHPP data at the click of a button.

  • Select the PHPP file to associate with the BIM

  • Sync the BIM to the PHPP.

  • Review the results in the PHPP, make adjustments as required, and sync the PHPP data back to the BIM.

  • Continue developing your design in either the BIM or the PHPP and sync the design changes as you go!

Easy To Use

A simplified toolbar that is easy to use so that you can get set-up quickly. Simply run the automated project setup, select the PHPP file to use, then start syncing BIM data to and from the PHPP.

Automatic Creation of Parameters

PH Live Sync creates parameters within the BIM to store PHPP specific information.

Parameters are created within ‘Project Information’, as well as for Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Roofs, Doors, Windows, and Room elements with the prefix ‘PHPP’ for easy identification.

Automatic Creation of Views and Schedules

PH Live Sync automatically creates 3D views and Schedules within the BIM for easy analysis and modification of the relevant PHPP data.

Intelligent Family Objects Provided

Specifically designed for Passivhaus projects, the included family objects make it even easier to capture relevant PHPP data.

From windows with built in reference planes that you can align and lock to shading objects, to thermal bridges that snap to the BIM and flex as the design changes.


PH Live Sync is compatible with:

Autodesk® Revit® 2018 – 2024

The Passive House Planning Package – English* Versions 9.6a, 10.3 – 10.6

(*Other languages of the PHPP can be supported as requested.)

Help and Support are provided in English.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Revit® Versions are supported?2024-02-08T14:07:42+11:00

PH Live Sync supports Revit® 2018 through to Revit® 2024

What PHPP Versions are supported?2024-04-22T11:54:38+10:00

PHPP English* Versions 9.6a, 10.3 – 10.6

(*Other languages of the PHPP can be supported as requested.)

Is it easy to install?2022-06-21T11:35:34+10:00

Yes, simply download the installer and once PH Live Sync is installed, a new tool bar will be available within Revit® with all the tools you need.

Is it easy to use?2022-06-21T11:37:05+10:00

Yes, simply adjust your Revit® model so that wall joins are mitred and junctions between floors/walls/ceiling/roofs overlap so that areas are calculated in accordance with Passivehaus standards, then sync your Revit® model with the PHPP.

Is the workflow simple?2021-11-24T18:19:58+11:00

Absolutely! Sync directly from Revit® to the PHPP, make adjustments in the PHPP, then sync them back to Revit®

Is window shading calculated?2022-12-15T09:23:02+11:00

Yes, uniform shading of windows can be easily synced with the PHPP using the included window family object and aligning the in-built reference lines with the horizon shading objects, overhangs, and reveals. Reduction factors for non-uniform shading objects need manual calculation.

Are Projects in both Northern and Southern Hemispheres supported?2022-12-15T09:24:08+11:00

Yes! Simply set your location within your Revit® project and the orientation data will be adjusted automatically by PH Live Sync if your project is located in the southern hemisphere. (Only applicable for PHPP 9.6a)

Are software updated included?2021-11-24T18:33:31+11:00

Absolutely! Any updates or new features are provided to you as soon as they are released via direct download and will always be FREE!

Are Metric and Imperial Units Supported?2022-03-09T11:18:00+11:00

Yes! You can use either Metric or Imperial units for your RevitⓇ project. The units will be automatically converted to Metric when synced with the PHPP.

(Support for imperial versions of the PHPP will be available at a later date.)

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